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How to Set Up Access Control


Click on the Administration link

Client Administration

Scroll down to Client Administration and click on the Access Control link

Access Control Settings

Access Control Settings

1. Memberships: You will be able to Allow or Deny Entry to any Client that has an Expired, Cancelled, Suspended, Frozen, Depleted or Past Due Membership.

*NOTE: You can Deny Entry on Past Due Memberships with a number of days overdue.

2. Time of Day Access: You will be able to set Schedules for different Membership Types (*see below for Configure Schedules).

3. Apply To Check-Ins: When Client goes through the Check-In Window you are able to apply these rules.

4. Default Access Mode: Every time a new client is created you can have their account automatically set to Allow Entry, Deny Entry, or Rules Based.

Configure Schedules

Configure Schedules

1. Enter Schedule Name

2. Add Range(to create a schedule enter day by day)

3. Create Schedule

Membership Type Mappings

Membership Type Mappings

Once Schedule is created it will appear above. *If you would like to delete this Schedule click the red  X

1. Select the Membership Types that will be Mapped to any Schedule created.

2. Select the correct Schedule that each Membership Type will have access to.

3. Click on "Apply Selected Mappings"

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