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How to Close and Review Post Billed Packages

Selling post-billed packages to your clients is the most flexible option when dealing with reservations.  Because there is no up-front limit to the number of sessions a client may book, it's only possible to bill the clients based on their completed sessions.  Closing your post-billed packages will tally up the number of sessions they've used (Attended, No Show, or Late Cancellation), determine the rate per session, and generate an invoice for the client.  You can then view the results and choose whether to print or email the invoices to your clients. (See How to Set up Package Rates to learn how to set up your post-billed packages)


Click on Administration.

Billing Administration

Click on Close Post Billing

Verify the Attendance for All Past Sessions

Verify the Attendance for All Past Sessions

1) Set the closing date, and check off the clients with packages you want to close out.  If they have sessions booked past the closing date, and their package is marked as AutoRenew, then these future sessions will automatically be moved over to a new package.  If the sessions prior to the closing date have not been updated with an attendance status, click on the number under Sched.  

2) The packages can then be closed out using the Close and Bill Selected Packages


Click on Administration

Billing Administration

Click on Review Post Billing

Review the Closed Post-Billed Packages

1) Check the boxes next to specific invoices, or use the checkbox in the green bar to select all

2) Use the Print/Save Invoices button to generate a PDF of all of the selected invoices, or use Email Invoices to send copies of the invoices directly to the clients via email

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