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My rentals are charged by the half-hour, not the hour and the only options I have for my 'Rental Rates' are 'Custom', 'Per Hour', or 'Per Occurrence'. How can I accommodate this in EZFacility?

Rentals are actually time-based. They will read off of your actual schedule how long the rental is booked for and adjust the rate accordingly. If your half-hour rental rates are just an equal 50% of the hour rate, you can simply put the 'per hour' price for the rate and if you only schedule the rental for 30 minutes, it will cut the rate in half for you when you invoice the rental.

ex. $20 'per hour' rate for a Batting Cage Rental
If you only book the rental for 30 minutes, it will only invoice the client for $10

If you discount your 'per hour' rate, meaning your half-hour rate is not an equal 50% of the hour---

ex. $15 rate for a half-hour/$25 for an hour

You will need to set-up the 30 minute rental as a 'Custom' rate separately. You will not set the length of the rental now, the difference will come when you book the rental and invoice it for the client. Once you book the 30 minute rental on the schedule and add your client, it will ask you to select the rate. Select your 30 minute rate you have set-up, and it will fill out the price and select the option 'Let me enter the quantity' next to the Calculate Quantity field. If you booked the rental for 30 minutes it will say the quantity is '.5' which is incorrect. That is only going to charge the client for half of the 30 minute rate. You need to change the quantity to '1' so it charges the full-price for the 30 minutes.

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