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Why do we want to set the 'IP Restriction' related to the 'Time Clock'?

You are receiving this message, because the computer you are trying to Clock In/Out from is not permitted to access the Time Clock. In order to Clock In/Out of the Time Clock you need to grant access to specific computer terminals. This is for security reasons so employees can't do it from home or when they are not at the facility since EZ Facility is web-based software. If you would like a specific computer to have access, all you need to do is head to Administration ---> IP Restriction (located under Time Clock) and when you enter that area it will automatically plug in the IP address of the computer you are on and you just need to hit 'Add IP Address'

Below is a link to our User Guide on how to use IP restrictions:
How to use IP Restrictions to set terminals to be used as Time Clock stations

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