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Why would I want to set-up 'Revenue Categories'?

Revenue Categories are similar to 'GL Codes' in Quickbooks. Creating Revenue Categories allows you to tag the different services and/or products you sell at your facility into categories, and then use those categories as filters in your Revenue Report. Without them you will have limited functionality with your Revenue Report, basically only being able to see general, lump sum totals. With Revenue Categories you can filter the report to target specific revenue streams.

As an example, I may offer 3 types of classes at my facility--- Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates. I would set up a parent category of 'Classes' and then create sub categories for 'Zumba,' 'Yoga,' & 'Pilates.' Now I will have the ability to filter my report by 'Classes' to see all the money I brought in through classes, and also have the ability to filter by 'Zumba,' 'Yoga,' or 'Pilates' to see money brought in specifically for each class type.

Also, as a quick rule-of-thumb, Revenue Categories can always be applied to your "-Types" ie. Reservation Types, Membership Types, Rental Types, etc. and they can also be applied to your POS Categories and products.

***Taxes can also be tied to Revenue Categories in order to specify on a service-by-service/product-by-product basis what is taxed and what is not.

Below are links to our User Guide on setting up Revenue Categories:
How to Setup Revenue Categories

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