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Why is there a number and dollar amount in a clients profile next to 'Un-Invoiced items'?

The first number represents how many 'billing items' there are that are not on an invoice and the dollar amount being the total of those un-invoiced items. The most common reason a user would see this on a client's profile is if any of the clients transactions were not attached to an invoice, for example, when a user selects the 'Invoice Later - Leave items in cart' option during a membership or package sale instead of one of the 'Invoice Now' options. This can also occur when a billing item is removed from an invoice using the shopping cart icon located on invoices. The item is still left floating on the account and either needs to be voided or placed on an invoice to make a payment towards it. In addition, Un-Invoiced items will also display in your shopping cart, indicated by the red '*' asterisk.

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