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Why can my clients not see availability of classes on 'Self-Service'?

A likely reason is that you have not placed any Reservation Types on the schedule. Simply having a blank schedule does not create availability. As far as EZ Facility is concerned there is nothing going on in the facility at all. You need to actually build out your schedule placing whatever classes/trainings/lessons on the schedule in the appropriate time slots with the appropriate resource. Then based on the Reservation you placed on the schedule and the Class Size it will create that many open booking slots for clients.

Other possibilities are that you have your Self-Service settings set to 'Do not list' or the Sessions on your schedule are past the 'Cutoff time' you established in the your Self-Service Settings.

Below are links to our User Guide on Scheduling and Self-Service:
New Reservation Process
How to Schedule an Available Session

How to Setup Self Service

How to Configure Self Service Bookings

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