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Why can I not sell my packages and memberships through POS?

The truth of the matter is, you can. If you just want to manually collect payments for packages or memberships, you can set them up as 'Products' in the POS Administration and then sell them. However, doing it this way presents a notable loss in functionality. Firstly, with packages you will lose the ability to attach 'sessions' to a clients account and will not be able to track their attendance or monitor how many sessions they have left. In fact, you won't even know they have a package at all looking through the system. You would just simply be taking a payment. Secondly, with memberships you will not actual label the client as a member, it will not create a contract, and it will not create or attach any recurring billing or contract renewal. Just like with packages, you will also not even be able to tell if the client is a member or not. This option only typically works for facilities who sell Day Passes or Drop-in Classes where they aren't concerned about selling a 1 session package/registering the client and just want to save time and collect a fee. One would simply have to evaluate their business model and weigh the pros and cons of operating like this.

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