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Why is there a dollar amount in red-colored text in a clients profile next to 'Due'?

The red-flavored text and amount indicates the client has an outstanding balance on their account. That is the amount owed. You can either select the 'Make a Payment' button to pay off the balance right from there or if you'd like to view the invoice that has the balance first, you can simply click into the 'Billing' tab at the top of the client's profile. Once in there, select the 'Invoices' tab which will by default allow you to view any open invoices. Simply locate the invoice and select either the edit pencil to the right where you can open the invoice up and select the 'ADD A PAYMENT' button and finish the transaction from there, or simply click the yellow '$' button where you can take the payment from there.

Below is a link to our User Guide on how to take a payment:
How to Take a Payment

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