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Why are their multiple fee types that I can set-up in Groups/Online Registration?

The reason there are multiple different fee types is to accommodate different business models that facilities have for their group registrations. Here I will outline the different types, providing examples of how they are utilized.

Individual fee is the most basic, common and straight-forward of the fee set-ups. Individual fee's are used to simply take one specific client's fee for registration. They are registering into the main parent group and not a particular subgroup (or team).

With a team is used when Teams (subgroups) have already been created and you would like the client to be able to select and register into a specific team (or subgroup) rather than the main parent group.

New team is used when you would like a client to be able to register their own team, effectively being able to create it, name it themselves and input it into the main parent group. This is commonly used when allowing clients (be it a coach or team captain) to set-up their own team and then charge them a team fee (usually a larger amount of money). You can then, if applicable, set-up that person as a 'captain' where they can assign the payments out to their team members to cover the balance.

Below are links to our User Guide with more information on setting up Online Registration's and fees:
How to Setup Online Registration (Camp/Clinic)
How to Setup Online Registration (League/Tournament)

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