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Why when I enter scores into 'EZLeagues' does it give the winning team '5 points' towards the overall standings when they should only receive 3?

Points given to teams for wins and losses are determined based off of the standings options that have been set. 

Standings Options are able to be set sport specific and are also able to be changed league or tournament specific.  When reporting scores for games if the software has been applying incorrect points per win or loss it is due to an issue with the Standings Options.  Standings Options based off of sport can be set on the main EZLeagues page under the Sports section by selecting Standings Options for the sport in question.  To set standings options specific to a league or tournament, that can be done in the edit page of that tournament or league specifically.  Under the edit page there is an option located below Generate Schedule to adjust the Standings Options specific to the individual league or tournament.

Editing Under The Sports Section

Adjusting Standings Options Tournament or League Specific

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