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When entering scores into 'EZLeagues' why can I not enter player stats?

Entering statistics for games allows an opportunity for league specific accurate statistics and provide a public medium to display stats encouraging player growth and success. 

Statistics need to first be created so that the software knows which stats are applicable to which sports. Player stats are based off the sport that has been assigned to the league or tournament.  With that being said to begin setting up the stats, they need to be created in the Sports section of the EZLeagues home page.  Once in the Sports page, all sports supported by EZLeagues appear with 3 options “Settings, Standings Options, and Player Stat Tables.”

Clicking into Player Stat Tables of the sport that you desire will allow the creation of broad stat categories. 

For example if  recording "goals scored" is something we are looking to keep track of we want to create an Offensive Stats Table, as well as if we are looking to create a goalie saves stat we want to create a goalie stats table.  After our stat tables have been created we need to enter what those specific stats are we want to record. 

Entering these stats at the conclusion of games is done under the Manage Scores of the main EZLeagues page. After choosing the game to enter scores and stats, anything entered will now appear and be automatically updated to the League or Tournaments public page.


How To Set Up Player Stats

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