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Why after I published over my league is it in the tournaments section of 'EZLeagues'?

When registration has concluded and all teams have been entered into EZFacility it is time to publish them over to EZLeagues.  Based off of the Group Type chosen when publishing over is where in EZLeagues that league or tournament will be located. If you do not find a league or tournament in the place anticipated the reason is most likely that it got published over incorrectly. 

For example, if a league accidentally was published over as a tournament it would be found in the tournaments section or vice-verse. In situations like these there is no true easy way to make the needed edit.  The only solution would be to go into EZFacility and copy the group in question and then republish the group over under the correct type.

This is an example of why it is essential during the publishing process to ensure that all fields have been accurately selected prior to completing. 


To view our user guide on this topic please follow the link located below.

How To Publish a Tournament Or League

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