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Why do I have all of these 'Credit Card (EXTERNAL)' options in my payment method menu?

The 'Credit Card (EXTERNAL)' options are for when one does not have their merchant account and credit card machine integrated with EZ Facility. Choosing one of these options simply records, for reporting purposes, that you took a payment. However, that does not physically charge the card and requires you to then go to your credit card machine and actually swipe the card and take the payment.
If one were to get there machine integrated, you would then have an option 'Credit Card (PROCESSED)' that allows you to swipe the card through your machine, have EZ Facility read all of the data and can then not only record the payment, but also process it as well. The EXTERNAL options can be removed if desired, to match CC types you take as well as if you do become integrated and don't want other users selecting them by mistake.

Below is a link to our user guide on Payment Options:
How to Setup Payment Options

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