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Why when I create a schedule In 'EZLeagues' is it not showing on my 'EZFacility Schedule'?

If after creating a schedule in EZLeagues you do not see the games automatically displaying in EZFacility there is an issue with the mapping of venues.  When initially configuring your EZLeagues account it is important that the mapping of Venues is something that if important to you has taken place.  The configuration of these settings can be found in the Venues section of the EZLeagues home page.  In the venues page Add Venue is what we want to choose.  The name created for Venue Name will be how in EZLeagues that venue is displayed.  In most cases the venue name is set to match how it is listed in EZFacility.  Beneath Venue Name Map To TMS Venue is a box that lists all venues currently in EZFacility. To link the venue being created (or edited) to a specific TMS venue the venue must be moved from Available to Mapped.  Repeating this process will allow the rest of your venues to be mapped. One main benefit of mapping venues is that when scheduling in EZLeagues the Scheduling Wizard will take into account the EZFacility schedule (based off the venues that have been mapped) in order to avoid double bookings.


How To Add Venues

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