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Why is "Train the Trainer" an important training concept to adopt?

Train the trainer can be beneficial to a company and management team alike.  Its core principle is that a member(s) of the business management team preferably ownership should be the one to undergo the EZFacility training.  That member would then not only train his or her fellow employees, but they would have the tools needed to teach any future employees.  Nothing can be more detrimental to a company than having one person serve as an "in house" EZFacility operator who then leaves the company without educating others on the programs use.  While our trainers are very knowledgeable in the software they are not going to be as knowledgeable in your business model, allowing you to be the one to truly maximize the software based upon your needs. This approach will provide a welcomed peace of mind and ensure EZFacility success for a long time to come.

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