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Why in "OLR" would we want to allow coaches to enter their own rosters and even assign payments towards their balance?

Allowing clients that register their own team in Groups the ability to input their own rosters can turn League and Tournament Registration into a more simplified process for the business.  Giving this ability to clients takes the emphasis off of you the business in the tracking down and the entering of team players.  On top of being able to enter their team roster you also have the ability to allow them to assign payments based off of their balance.  Provided you have been integrated with EZFacility to take credit card payments you will have the ability to charge the owner of the team the "New Team Fee" and allow that individual to divvy the payments amongst their players. 

These settings can be found in:
Administration Tab>Online Registrations>Allow Clients To Enter Rosters For Subgroups They Create


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