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Why is 'Reservation Category' in 'Reservation Types' important for 'MemberMe'?

For businesses that will be integrating their schedule into the MemberMe App, Reservation Category is important.  Setting a Reservation Category for our Reservation Types is stating in terms of the schedule what module those res. types will fall under on the App.  Lets say for example a business was to assign their "Zumba" Res. Type to a "Group Classes" Reservation Category. All Zumba Res. Types that have been created on the schedule will be found under the Group Classes Module in MemberMe. 

Important Note: If by chance an alteration to Reservation Categories or the addition of more is needed, we here at EZFacility need to make that alteration for you.  To contact us you can either submit a trouble ticket or contact our customer support line at 1 (866) 498-3279 Option #3.


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