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Why do I have items in the shopping cart?

You might have noticed the red number on your All allcart.png and My mycart.png Shopping carts located in the upper right hand corner of your account and you've probably asked yourself,  Why?

First, I'll explain the difference between All and My:

  • All (Global Shopping Cart): Items added by other system users.
  • My (Current User's Shopping Cart): Items added by you (or the user currently logged in).

Next, I'll explain how these items ended up in your shopping carts:

When you're making a sale in EZFacility and you click on Add to Cart the items have been added to the shopping cart. The following step will ask you to choose your invoice option; Invoice Now or Invoice Later. When you choose to Invoice Later the billing items will stay in the shopping cart, hence the link title - Leave items in cart.

You can also take items off an invoice by clicking on removeitem.png when viewing/editing and invoice. Once you have clicked on this icon the item is being removed from the invoice and added to the shopping cart.


To remove these items from the shopping cart you will need to invoice, void or reverse the billing item.

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