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Setup your Topaz Sig Plus Drivers - Internet Explorer Only

Please note that we have introduced the ability to use the Topaz Sig Plus Signature Pad across multiple browser. For detailed instructions see - How to Download/Install the SigWeb Browser API for Topaz Signature Pad

Please follow these steps to install and set up you Topaz Sig Plus Signature Pad for Internet Explorer:

  1. Make sure you are using internet explorer
  2. Find the model number on your signature pad. It should look something like this [T-S460-HSB-R] and write this number down.
  3. Now go into your EZFacility Administration tab and scroll down to the Memberships section. Click on Membership Agreement. Scroll to the very bottom of the page. Make sure "Take electronic signatures ?" is checked off and Save.
  4. Go to On the top left click on downloads. Choose SigPlus Installation. Find your exact model number on this list and click it. In step one, click on Download then follow the unique install steps as they come up. If you have issues please refer to the Steps on this download page
  5. After you have installed the Topaz Sig Plus you may want to restart your computer to avoid any issues.
  6. Once you have restarted please log back into EZFacility. Go to your clients tab. Choose a client with a membership then go into to the membership tab and click on "create" to the right of the membership. Then sign the pad. If your signature appears save the agreement and you are done.

If the signature does not appear and you have followed all the steps correctly then please contact support at 877-358-7774 or submit a trouble ticket.

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