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Configuring your barcode scanner LS9203

Please click on and open the Barcode Scanner Reference Guide attached at the bottom of the page. This will assist in configuring your LS9203 scanner.

On page 139 you will find a barcode labeled "HID Keyboard Emulation" which will be used to configure the scanner to read the barcodes off of the membership cards. Please print page 139 and scan the barcode labeled HID Keyboard Emulation to configure your barcode scanner.

On pages 292 - 294 you will scan a few barcodes which will assist in configuring your barcode scanner to where when it is scanned it will automatically hit enter without you having to do it every time. Please print pages 292 - 294 and you will scan the following barcodes in order:

1- <SCAN OPTIONS> 2- <DATA><SUFFIX> 3- Enter (on page 10-12)

After scanning all three in order, your barcode scanner has been configured to have a carriage return and you will now be able to use your scanner with the EZFacility software.

If you have any questions or issues with the configuration feel free to contact support at (516)336-6500  or submit a trouble ticket.

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