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New Memberships

Generate a report on memberships created by start date.



Click on the Reports Link

New Memberships

Click on New Memberships

Note: Use the Navigation Sidebar to quickly navigate to other Reports without having to return to the main Reports page.

Generate Report

Generate Report

1. Select the Start Date.

2. Select the End Date.

3. Of advanced membership contracts that start within this range, which should be shown?

  • All Contracts - This will include all membership contracts.
  • Contracts that were not created by auto-renewal - This will only include contracts manually sold to the client and NOT from an auto-renewing membership contract.
  • Contracts which are the earliest the client could use - This will only show the earliest (first) billed contract.

4. Include shared members - Include memberships that are shared by others.

5. Chart Type: Choose "Doughnut" or "Bar"

6. Include new contracts that were canceled because of: Allows you to choose which canceled contracts to report on.

7. Please select the membership type(s): Select the Membership Type(s) that should be included in the report when generated.

Click on Generate Report.

Generated Report

Generated Report

Note: Export this report by selecting a format and clicking export.

* The image above has the chart type of "Bar" selected.

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