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How to use IP Restrictions to set terminals to be used as Time Clock stations

Since EZ Facility can be accessed anywhere an internet connection exists, Administrators may find it useful or necessary to restrict access to the Time Clock system to only certain computers.  These workstations can be identified using the "IP Restriction" page, which will detect and manage the network addresses that may be used for Time Clock access.

(To login to the time clock see How to Clock In/Out of the Time Clock)


Click on the Administration link

Time Clock

Time Clock

1. Scroll down to the Time Clock section and select IP Restriction

Time Clock IP Restriction

Time Clock IP Restriction

1. The IP Address of your current workstation as EZ Facility sees it.  IT Administrators may also key in a custom IP Address

2. Click Add IP Address to save the changes

3. To modify an address, use the Pencil Icon to make changes, the Disk Icon to save the changes, or the Red X to delete the record.

4. If you want to allow any computer to be used as a Time Clock station, check Allow access from any IP Address

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