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How to Assign Hourly Rates to your Employees in the Time Clock

Administrators can assign Hourly Rates to their employees when punching in to the Time Clock.  These rates are linked to a job classification assigned to the employee, so that each individual can be assigned a different rate for the job they select when they punch in.  Note that at least one job and rate must be assigned to a user before they can use the time clock.

(See How to Clock In/Out of the Time Clock)


Click on the Administration link

Time Clock

Time Clock

1. Scroll down to the Time Clock section and select Hourly Rate

Select a User

Select a User

1. Click the Edit button next to the employee you want to assign the job and rate.  Note that rates are assigned based on the user accounts created under User Administration

Assign Job Classification and Rate

Assign Job Classification and Rate

1. Select the Job Classification you want to assign to the user

2. Set the Hourly Rate which will be used to calculate how much they earn for their time while punched in for this Job

- This rate will be prorated based on the length of the clocked-in period (9:00am to 10:30am will pay 1.5x the hourly rate)

- Set this to Zero (0.00) if you only want to track their time without calculating their pay

3. Click Add Hourly Rate to save your selection

4. To modify a user's rate, use the Pencil Icon to make changes, the Disk Icon to save the changes, or the Red X to delete the record.

- Changes to these settings will only apply to future clock-ins.  Changing or removing a classification will not affect the data already on their record.

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