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How to Set Up Job Classifications for your Employees in the Time Clock

Administrators can create different Job Classifications for their employees to use when punching in to the Time Clock.  These classifications can be any role that your employees perform, such as Front Desk, Assistant Trainer, or Book Keeper.  Some employees may perform multiple tasks at your facility; having separate classifications for each will allow you to assign different pay rates for each.



Click on the Administration link

Time Clock

Time Clock

1. Scroll down to the Time Clock section and select Job Classifications

Job Classifications

Job Classifications

1. Enter the name of the Job Classification you wish to add into the empty box at the bottom of the page

2. Click on Add Job Classification to save your new classification to the list of currently available options

3. To edit an existing Job Classification:

    - The Pencil Icon will allow you to edit the name of the classification

    - The Disk Icon saves these changes

    - The Red X deletes the record from the list

(Note that these changes will NOT affect your time clock records)

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