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Registering Clients into a Group Session

This lesson will show you how to book clients into a group session/class session

Schedule Page

Click on the Available class you wish to book clients into.

Reservation Details

Click on the Register tab

Select Package

1. Use the Book Into options for each package to select and book the client into the session(s):

  • This Package: Books the client into the single session you clicked on from the schedule page
  • All Sessions (x): This books the client into all linked reservations; availability of sessions permitting. (Linked reservations refers to a recurring reservation scheduled on a pattern, like a weekly class)
  • Custom: Allows you to specifically pick which of the linked reservations you wish to schedule the client into

2. Click New Package. If the client does not have a package or they do not have the appropriate type of package, sell them one before booking.  Once you have sold the package you will return to "Select a Package". Complete your booking by following step 1 above.

Successful Registration

Green text appears notifying you of a successful registration for the client. At this point you can repeat the process as many times as you would like up to the class size for the specific session.

Click Reservation Details

Reservation Details

When clients are booked into the group training/class you will see them listed in the roster format and have access to additional information for each client:

1. Mark attendance

2. View additional info

3. View package details

4. View the package invoice, balance or make a payment

5. Remove a client from the class

6. View Next Booked session

Click Finish

Schedule Page with Session Details

When you hold your mouse over the session itself you will see the title information and a current count of booked clients out of the total amount of clients allowed to book into the class along with the clients attendance status and sessions remaining

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