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How to Rent Out Equipment

This lesson will show you how to Rent Equipment to your Clients

Note: You must have a contact name applied to the transaction in order to rent out equipment.


Click on P.O.S.

Launch P.O.S

Click Launch Now to start the P.O.S. application

Note: You can set up your Cash Registers and Coupons from this page



1.Enter your Username and Password

2. Click Login

Select Register

Select Register

Click on the register name

Note: If you have multiple locations you can click on the location to display your cash register(s) for that location

Equipment Rental

Click on Equipment Rentals. This will switch your Product load your Equipment inventory

Enter Client Name

Enter Client Name

1. Enter Clients Name

  • Type at least the first three letters of a Client's name into the 'Find' field; a drop-down box of possible matches will appear. Select the Client you wish to associate this order with.

2. Click on client's name from drop down list

Adding Equipment to the Shopping Cart

The Cashier can select products by selecting from the available equipment menu. Clicking on the equipment will add a Quantity of one (1) of the selected equipment into the Shopping Cart.

Finish Sale

Finish Sale

Select your Payment Type:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit/Debit (Will appear when intergrated with a merchant)
  • Gift Cert.
  • Apply Discount
  • Bill Later: allows you to add these items to an invoice
  • See How to add a POS Item to an invoice
  • Split Tender: Allows you to enter multiple payment types

Note: Click the Pencil icon to add a memo.

Click ACCEPT to complete your sale

** See How to Return Equipment

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