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How to Set Up POS Preferences

This lesson will show you how to set up your POS preferences



Click on Preferences

Set Preferences

Set Preferences

Auto-print Receipt?:

  • Yes: will automatically print out a receipt when you complete a sale
  • No: will require you print out the receipt manually

Select Printer: Allows you to choose a default printer.

Printer Type: Allows you to specify the brand of printer being used.

  • Choose the "Other" option if you do not see your printer type listed.

Allow sounds to play in Checkin window?:

  • Yes: When a client checks-in through the POS Check-In window a sound will play for either valid or invalid check-in.
  • No: No sounds will play when a client checks-in with the POS Check-In window.

QTY Prompt from Product Buttons:

  • Yes will prompt you to enter the quantity of the product being sold each time you click on the product
  • No will add a quantity of one(1) each time you click the product

Page Setup Properties: Allows you to setup your printer's page setup properties.

Order Products By:

  • Default: Products will be listed in the order they were entered into the system.
  • Product Name: Products will be listed in alphabetical order.
  • Price: Products will be listed in price order (low value to high value).

Cash Drawer Control:

  • Printer + No Sale: Cash drawer will open automatically when a receipt prints. As well there is a No Sale button (bottom left of screen) that will allow you to open the cash drawer when desired. (recommended)
  • Disabled: The cash drawer will only open when a receipt prints.

Click OK to save your changes

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