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How to Sell an Individual Package

This lesson will show you how to sell an individual package (See How to Set up Package Rates)


Click on the Clients link  

Choose Client

Choose Client

1. Search for your client or create a New Client

2. Click on client's First or Last name


Click on the Packages tab

New Package

Click on the New Package button

Enter Package Details

Enter Package Details

Package Type: (See How to Set up Package Rates)

   - Pre-Billed is an individual package or recurring package that will be billed before session use.

   - Post-Billed is a Post-Billing Package that will be billed after session use

  • Sold By: List of Salespeople or Trainers that can be associated as the seller of the package for paying a commission
  • Session Type: Select the session type that will be sold to the client (Session Types are created in the administration. See How to Set up Session Types)
  • Session per Package: Number of sessions being sold per package
  • Start Date: (optional) Selecting a start date will allow you to customize the length of the package as well as set up recurring packages.
  • Length: (only visible when selecting a start date) allows you to set a specific time frame for the sessions to be valid and usable
  • End Date: (only visible when selecting a start date)  When the Length is changed, the End Date will be calculated by adjusting the Start Date by the Length. When the End Date is changed, the Length is calculated in number of days. If you delete the end date it will set the package to be open-ended and only tracks the start, required to renew the package based on the threshold.
  • Packages to Create Now (For Recurring Packages): (only visible when selecting a start date) Each package will start when the previous package ends. All packages will be the same length in time as well as the same amount of sessions. If you choose auto-renewal settings, the auto-renewing will apply to the last package only.
  • Booking Out of Range: (only visible when selecting a start date) Choose Disallow to prevent bookings that fall before the Start Date or after the Length has passed. As long as the booked date is in that period, bookings may be entered any time.
  • Category:  Select Paid if the client is being billed for the package. Select Comp if the client is receiving a free/complimentary package.
  • Share With: Package sharing lets you to sell a package to one client and allow them to share that package with other clients. You can set a package to be shared while creating or editing the package. You have the choice to share the package with all related clients. If you choose all related clients, you first need to set the relationships in the Clients detail page.
  • (See How to Share a Package)
  • Auto Pay: Choose whether or not you want to enable Auto Pay for this package. (Only visible if you have an integrated online merchant account)
  • Renewal Threshold: Show renewal icon once this many session are remaining.
  • Auto Renew? If you are creating more than one package now, auto-renew settings will apply only to the last package. Others will not auto-renew. You can only set a package to auto renew if it has a Start Date, and you can only choose to renew on a specific date if the package also has a Length set.

       - 1. Allows you to choose a number of days, weeks, etc. before the End Date of the package to trigger the package renewal.

       - 2. Allows you to utilize the Renewal Threshold to trigger the package renewal once that number of remaining sessions is reached.

Click Continue to bill the package.

Do you want to bill for the package?

Do you want to bill for the package?

1. Select a Pre-Defined: Rate from the drop-down. The Pre-Defined option will allow you to auto-fill the fields based on a pre-defined Package Rate. You can also manually enter a value and choose the Per Package or Per Sessions option. (See How to Set up Package Rates for pre-defined rates)

2. Click Add to Cart to invoice the package. Select No Charge if you will be giving a free/complimentary package, no billing will be associated with this package.

Do you want to bill for the package?

Do you want to bill for the package?

Invoice Now by clicking on Single Invoice, this will Add the item(s) to a single invoice.

Invoice Later: This option allows you to leave any billing items created in your shopping cart so that you my sell other items: other membership contracts, training packages, etc. and then bill a single client for all items.

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