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How to Sell a Post Bill Package

This lesson will show you how to sell a post-bill package (See How to Setup Package Rates)


Click on the Clients link

Choose Client

Choose Client

1. Search for your client or create a New Client

2. Click on client's First or Last name


Click on the Packages tab

New Package

Click on the New Package button

Enter Package Details

Enter Package Details

Package Type: (See How to Set up Package Rates)

   - Pre-Billed is an individual package or recurring package that will be billed before session use.

   - Post-Billed is a Post-Billing Package that will be billed after session use

Sold By: List of Salespeople or Trainers that can be associated as the seller of the package for paying a commission

Reservation Type: Select the reservation type that will be sold to the client (Reservation Types are created in the administration) (See How to Set up Reservation Types)

Share With: Package sharing allows you to sell a package to one client and allow them to share that package with other clients. You can set a package to be shared while creating or editing the package. You have the choice to share the package with all related clients or a list I will customize after I save. If you choose all related clients, you first need to set the relationships in the Client's detail page.

(See How to Share a Package)

Auto Pay: Choose whether or not you want to enable Auto Pay for this package. (Only visible if you have an integrated online merchant account)

Renewal Threshold: Show renewal icon once this many sessions are remaining.

Package Rates: Summarizes the rates set for this reservation type as created in Admin -> Packages Rates

Auto Renew? Causes a new package of the same session type to be created when the current package is closed and billed



1. Once you click on Save, the pop up will appear (2) and ask if you wish to schedule training sessions now using the Available Sessions search function.

2. OK will open the search page and Cancel will take you back to the clients Packages page.

Package View

Post Bill packages are identified by the POST links under Purchased and Remaining columns as well as the lack of billing information displayed until the package is closed. You can schedule as many sessions with this package as you desire. Once closed, it will then bill a "per session" fee for each session in the now closed package.

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