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Suspending a Membership

This lesson will show you how to suspend a membership contract


Click on the Clients link

Select a Client

Select a Client

1. Search for your client

2. Click on the first or last name of the client


Click on the Membership tab

Edit Contract

For the Active contract click on the Edit link

Add Suspension

Add Suspension

Click on the Add a Suspension button

Suspension Options

Suspension Options

1. Set the start date of the suspension

2. Set the end date of the suspension. This is optional and can be set at any time in the future

3. Set a Suspension Fee if desired.

** A suspension fee is optional, and it only applies to membership contracts. If a fee is given, and the contract is suspended when it renews, it will renew at this fee. This fee will continue until the next time the contract renews after it is unsuspended. This fee will have no effect on invoices already generated for the current contract, even if they are dated after the suspension starts. Only renewed contracts will be affected.

4. Add Remarks about the suspension for tracking purposes

5. Click on the Suspend button

Contract History

Contract History

Contract history is listed with a Set link to add an end date for the suspension

Client Page

Client Page

Under the member column you will see the Red Person icon denoting that the client's membership contract is currently suspended

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