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Adding a Client's Photo to their Profile

In addition to keeping track of your client's Demographic information, you can also add a photo to their record.  This picture will appear whenever the client checks in, and can be used for advanced features such as generating Membership ID cards.


Click on the Clients link

Choose Client

Choose Client

1. Search for your client or create a New Client

2. Click on client's First or Last name

Choose the Picture to Attach

Choose the Picture to Attach

1. In the Client Details page, scroll down to the Membership Details section.

2. If you are loading a picture from a saved file, select Browse, find the image file you wish to attach, and select Upload

3. (Internet Explorer Required) If you are capturing a picture from your webcam, select Get Picture from Camera.  You may be prompted to download an install an ActiveX control.

4. If your webcam is supported directly, choose it from the Device menu. Once the client appears in the Preview Window, select Import.  See below for setting up a webcam that does not automatically appear.

(optional) Install the EZFacility Webcam Support Application

(optional) Install the EZFacility Webcam Support Application

If your webcam does not appear next to Device, you will need to install the EZ Facility Webcam Support Application

  • Download the application installer from
  • (Vista and Windows 7) Right-click the downloaded file and select Run as Administrator to install the file.
  • Go back into the client's record and select Get Picture From Camera (See Choose the Picture to Attach above)
  • The device Video DataSource should now appear.  Select Import.

1. The active view of the webcam should now appear.  Check the drop-down at the top of the screen for other options if it does not.

2. Once the client appears in the preview window, select Capture

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