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How to Set Up Automatic Email Reminders

This lesson will show you up to set up automatic emails/texts to be sent to clients or trainers for scheduled training sessions. Also, to send automatic emails to selected users every morning summarizing the previous days activity.


Click on Administration.

Email Alerts

Click on Email Alerts.

Session Reminders

Session Reminders

1. Client Session Reminder: Allows you to set two separate reminders to be sent to the clients scheduled with a reservation. In this example the client scheduled for training will receive the 1st notification 2 days before the start of their training session and a second 2 hours before the start time.

2. Trainer Session Reminder: Allows you to set two separate reminders to be sent to the Trainer for each client scheduled. In this example the trainer will receive the session reminder 1 day before the start of each scheduled training session and a second reminder 30 minutes before all schedules session start times.

* You do not have to set both reminders and all reminders will send an email to the client based on the email listed in their profile. The trainer email is based on the email listed within the trainers User Admin account.

3. In this section of Email Alerts, you are able to enter a certain Email Address as the "Reply To" for these reminders.

Trainer Notification

Trainer Notification

1. For Trainer Notifications the Trainer must have their own user account and you will need to associate the user account with a specific resource (Trainer) on your schedule

2. The email listed in the user account is where the notifications will be sent

3. Enter cellular phone number and choose the provider associated with the trainer's cell phone so the trainer will be able to receive text message notifications

Note: If a Trainer does not want to receive text message reminders, select "Don't use SMS"

Management Email Reminder

Management Email Reminder

1. Click on a User name

2. Click on Add User to move them to the Selected User list

* You can also click a user name on the Selected list and then click Remove User so that the user no longer receives the management email. Like the Trainers, these emails are sent to the address that is listed in the specific user account.

3. Once all changes are made click Save

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