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The Three Types of Imports Available

The Three Types of Imports Available

1. Basic Contact Import Template

The Basic Contact Import Template allows you to import client data such as names, address, and basic demographic information. This is our standard import, which is sent out when your account is first created and allows us to quickly create your clients in your account. Basic membership information and remaining training session data can be imported using this template (this does not include any invoice/payment history.)

2. Advanced Contact Import Template

The Advanced Contact Import Template is based on all data that can be imported into your EZFacility Contact Database. In addition to the basic details, this file includes fields for Membership Contracts and potential to create an invoice for the first term (this does not include any invoice/payment history.) This allows for Membership Contracts to be created on import with associated billing, as well as the import of credit card or bank account information used in billing. Specific details regarding each membership type are required and you will need to talk to a support technician before submitting the file to ensure the data is accurate.

3. Custom Contact Import

The Custom Contact Import includes any additional information not part of either the Basic or Advanced import templates, such as pictures and past billing history, or if your contact data is in a format other than a Microsoft Excel file. This type of import usually requires us to assign a database engineer to dedicate extra time to your request, and thus may incur additional costs. The engineer will investigate the feasibility of importing any of the additional data and notify you about what is and is not possible to import. Please consult with your EZFacility Account representative for more information.

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