Today’s release includes new enhancements and several bug fixes to improve the user experience. 

Enhancements include:  

  • The ability to log in right away after creating your self-service account 

  • Bug fixes and system performance enhancements  


Immediate Login Ability After Creating Self-Service Account 

Users can now log in to their account immediately after creating their self-service account. Before this enhancement, users would have to refresh the page before being able to do so.  


Bug Fixes 

Today’s release also includes the following bug fixes:   


  • Alphanumerical subgroups not being in ascending order when created – When subgroups are created, they are now listed in ascending order. 

  • Incorrect resource order in EZLeagues Resource View – The resource order is now being displayed the same way that it is in subgroups. 

  • Inability to deactivate taxes in the New UI  When deactivating tax under billing, proper messaging is being displayed, and the selected tax is now deactivated. 

  • Setting a schedule to end at midnight changes its end date – When user creates a session with a recurring pattern and the end time is midnight, the end date no longer changes to the next day. It will remain on the same end date provided. 

  • Membership Revenue not loading in Membership Revenue by Month Report – Membership revenue report now generates for both EZUI and TMS. 

  • Billed items are not in the ascending chronological order of the billed date  While making a due payment for past billed items, billed items are now in ascending chronological order of the bill date. 

  • In clients API, the "EarliestMembershipStartDate" and "LatestMembershipEndDate" fields do not populate for the client with the membership

"EarliestMembershipStartDate" and "LatestMembershipEndDate" fields are now populated.

Support and Feedback 

If you encounter any issues or have questions about them, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 

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