How to Cancel Membership and Refund the Client(Full & Partial) in EZFacility

The following steps can be followed to show how to cancel a membership and refund a payment to a client:

*Refunds back to a Credit Card can only be processed through EZPayments, Constellation Payments (CSI Pay), or Global Payments. If you are using a different gateway to process your credit card payments, you will need to do an External refund in EZFacility and log into your merchant account's own web portal to process the refund back to the credit card. Refunds for a Direct Debit (EFT/ACH) payment must also be refunded manually.

This guide will provide the steps to issue a full or partial refund to a client.

How to Issue a Full Refund

Click on the Clients link:

Choose the client you'd like to refund. A client can be found using the search bar or by selecting the client's First or Last name.

Once on the client's profile, select the 'Membership' tab. The membership tab will show the current or active membership for the client.

On the right side of the page, select the 'pencil' icon to edit or cancel the membership.

When the pencil is selected, you will be able to view the details of the membership contract. At the bottom of the page, you can cancel the membership.

When canceling the contract, if you want to refund the client completely, you should cancel the contract back to the start date. When the contract is canceled to the start date, the invoice associated with the contract will automatically be reversed. If a payment has been made toward the invoice, the money will be added to the 'On Account' section of the client's profile.

If you do not cancel the contract back to the start date, the invoice associated with the contract will remain on the client's profile. See below for how to complete a partial refund.

Note: In the image above, the contract still appears on the profile. Since the contract was canceled on the sale date, it will appear active until the next day.

All funds paid toward the membership will appear in the 'On Account' section. You can refund the client by selecting the 'Refund' button.

When the 'Refund' button is selected, the user will be able to see the following:

  • Client to Refund To: This field will allow the user to choose the client profile the refund will be associated to.
  • Refund Issue Date: This field will allow the user to change the date of the refund for reporting purposes.
  • Amount of the Refund: This field will allow the user to choose the amount of the refund.
  • The Original Payment Method: This field will show the original payment method that was used for the payment.
  • The Method of the Refund: This drop down will allow the user to choose the method of the refund. If the account has credit card processing enabled, then the 'CREDIT CARD (PROCESSED)' option will allow users to refund back to a credit card. There will be two options that can be selected when using this method - 'Original Card' or 'Different Card'. When selecting 'Original Card' the refund will go back to the card used for the payment. When selecting 'Different Card', this will allow the user to use the card currently on file, or they can manually add the card they would like to use. If there are any issues using the 'Original Card', we suggest using the 'Different Card' option.
  • Memo: This field will allow the user to add additional notes about the refund.
  • Ability to Print a Statement: This will allow the user to print a statement.

Selecting 'Issue Refund' will create the refund in the client profile.

Note: If you are refunding a credit card, it will take about five business days for the client to see the refund in their account. This will vary based on the card and processor used.

How to Issue a Partial Refund

All of the steps above will be the same when canceling the contract, but when you view the membership contract details, do not cancel the contract to the start date. You will want to cancel the contract to either the current date or the date that has been determined between the client and the management of the facility.

After the membership contract has been canceled, the user will want to go to 'Billing', 'Invoices' and change the 'Show' dropdown to 'All Invoices.' The user will then select the 'pencil' icon on the right side of the page.

When viewing the invoice, the user could 'Edit' the item or reverse the item(s). To edit the item, the user will select the pencil icon. To reverse the icon, you will select the 'U-Turn' icon.

Once you select the 'pencil' icon, you can add a discount to the item if you want to refund the client a custom amount.

If the user wants to remove the item's full amount, you will choose the 'U-Turn' button.

After completing either option, the user will see a value in the 'On Account' section, where they can issue the refund. Please see above for how to complete the refund process.

Note: When viewing the invoice, select the number under the' Receipt' column if you want to refund the client for a payment that was made, but the client STILL owes the full amount of the purchased item.

After selecting the number under the 'Receipt' column, select 'Refund.'

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