Today’s release includes new enhancements that aim to categorize rentals and better organize your “Report by Revenue” report. Enhancements include:   

  • Ability to categorize reservations 
  • Two new columns to “Report by Revenue” report 
  • Bug fixes and system performance enhancements 

Create & Assign Reservation Categories 

Users can now create categories for reservations and assign each reservation to its respective category. Assign reservation categories to sessions, change reservation category labels, and view sessions within your MemberMe+ Mobile Application. 

To update your Reservation Categories, navigate to: Administration > Location Settings > Reservation Categories 

View Revenue Categories & Rental Types in Your Revenue Report   

Two new columns have been added to the Report by Revenue report to display Revenue Category and Rental Type. Save time by viewing these details in a single report and not having to look up these two components separately.  

Bug Fixes  

Today’s release also includes the following bug fixes:   

  • Captcha image not loading – The captcha image will now display when making payments in Online Registration. 
  • Client > Activity > Edit activity > Limit number of content is not maintained after saving – When text and/or an image has been added to main body component, the content limit is maintained after saving. 
  • Relative client must be registered on self-service – Parent clients can now buy a package/membership for their relative client even if the relative is not registered on Self–Service.  
  • User can view all waitlisted clients – When you click on Schedule Count in the Waitlist row of the Packages tab on the Client Profile, you can now view the Update Attendance list only for the selected clients.  
  • Multiple payments on a single invoice recorded incorrectly – Prior to the fix, if a user tried to make multiple payments on an invoice and the second payment was larger than the first, then only the amount of the first payment is applied. This fix ensures that the correct payment is applied when making a second payment. 

User can view all the reservation types – Prior to the fix, if a user created a TBD session through the Linked Reservation tab, and then tried to change the TBD reservation type, then the pre-selected reservation types would not appear. This fix ensures that the pre-selected reservation appears.

Questions or Feedback? Get in Touch! 

If you have any questions about the enhancements in today’s release or feedback on EZFacility, please contact our support team.  

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