After creating a group, your clients can register for it by using the direct Online Registration link or publishing the group to Self-Service. This article will walk you through the steps to allow your clients to register online.

Once you have created the group you want clients to register for, you will want to select the 'Online Registration' tab.

When viewing the Online Registration tab, you will see that the online registration still needs to be enabled. You will need to add a 'Fee' to allow online registration.

When creating a fee, you must first add a fee type. There are three fee type options, Individual, With a Team, and New Team. Only one fee needs to be created to make the group active online, but an administrator can create as many combinations of fees that would meet their needs..

  • The Individual fee will allow the client to register for the group.
  • The With a Team fee will allow the client to register for a created sub-group in the parent group.
  • The New Team fee will allow the client to create a new team in the group. When completed, the 'new team' will be made as a new sub-group of the parent group.

Let's use an intramural soccer league as an example. The 'Individual' fee would be used if you would like to allow a player to register for the league in general. This player will be added to a team later. The 'With a Team' fee would be used if the administrator has created teams in the league as sub-groups. If a player chooses to register with the 'With a Team' option, they will see all of the teams available in the league and choose the team they want to register for. The 'New Team' fee will be used if you wish to allow a player to register a new team into the league.

There are many variations to how this setup can be potentially used. Users can customize the 'With a' option, so this could be changed to 'With a Class', and the sub-groups created could be weeks you are offering a specific class.

Once you have selected the fee you want to have available for the group, you can update the descriptionamount to billdepositpayment schedule and review the Auto-Pay options.

Once a fee has been created, the online registration will be active.

Below, you will see an option to set an 'Open Date' and 'Close Date'. Please note: there is no way to set a specific time for these groups to open and close. They will open or close at 12:00:00 am on the date entered.

Users can also enter additional emails into the 'Notification Emails' section to receive an email when a new client registers for the group. Please note: If you are adding multiple email addresses, those email addresses must be separated by using a semicolon.

  1. Payment requirement: The payment requirement will default to the general Online Registration settings, but this can be changed to other options such as allow registrants to pay later, require immediate online CC payment, require CC info but do not charge or pay later, and require CC info but do not charge.
  2. Force storing of CC info: The force storing of credit card information will default to the general Online Registration settings, but users can choose to have the credit card information stored when using a payment schedule or not. If this setting is enabled, EZFacility will save the card to the client profile.
  3. Allow coupon codes: This will allow clients to use created coupon codes when registering for this group.
  4. Disallow partial credit card payments: When this setting is checked, the client will be forced to pay in full regardless of the deposit set for the fee the client has selected. If this is not selected, the client will only be required to make a payment based on the deposit set for the fee.
  5. Online description: The online description will allow users to provide additional information to clients registering for the group before they begin the registration process.
  6. Registration link: This is the link that clients will need to access to begin the registration process. This also allows administrators to preview the form.

Enable Registration through Self-Service

Users may want clients to register for groups through Self-Service. This can be done by selecting the 'Publish to Self-Serve' tab.

When on the 'Publish to Self-Serve' tab, review the information, update the 'Publish Name' and other fields if needed, and select 'Publish Group.' Clients will then be able to access the group registration through Self-Service.

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