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Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement: Major speed improvements to invoices
  • Improvement: Venue Booking report is now being ordered correctly
  • Improvement: Emails with apostrophes are now allowed
  • Improvement: New Self-Service: Agenda views have been improved
  • Improvement: New Self-Service: Added the ability to switch to a wizard when selling a package
  • Improvement: New Self-Service: Improvements made to checkout page when amount due is zero
  • Improvement: New Self-Service: Added a pay button to each row of the invoices grid
  • Improvement: New Self-Service: Added a shopping cart button to each from of the sell packages grid
  • Improvement: New Self-Service: Mobile responsive design improvements
  • Fixed: New Self-Service: When a location does not have a email address on the Self-Service Email Alerts section, Self-Service users can not complete the registration process
  • Fixed: New Self-Service: When an invoice has been voided in EZFacility and a Self-Service user is trying to pay the invoice, the user can successfully pay
  • Fixed: ¬†New Self-Service: When deleting items from the cart dropdown while on the checkout page, users can still pay for all items
  • Fixed:¬†Leaders Roster Entry is Removing Client Profile Information
  • Fixed: Booking out of range where it no longer allowed clients to use a future package to book a future date
  • Fixed: Trainer Performance report not calculating the total for the day correctly
  • Fixed: Users not being able to edit an email on the failed emails page
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