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Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed: Waiver box in client profile should not get unchecked when registering into OLR
  • Fixed: Schedule times incorrect for BST events on API
  • Fixed Infusionsoft sync when updating a profile in EZ and matching profile is not found in InfusionSoft
  • Improvement: Barcodes allow for letters and numbers to become barcode format

New Self-Service:

  • Improvement: Users can now manage rentals separately from sessions
  • Improvement: Display the location name if no logo is provided
  • Improvement: Enter key will no longer to user to check-out page when updating quantity
  • Improvement: Alerts can now be dismissed by the user
  • Improvement: Moved Logout button to the bottom of the sidebar
  • Improvement: Username is included in the complete registration email
  • Improvement: Username added to the profile page
  • Fixed: Number of verification emails sent within 24 hours can exceed the max allowed
  • Fixed: When an self-service user does not complete the rental booking and moves to another page or logs out the locked session remains in TMS
  • Fixed: TMS reservations can be modified to overlap with locked self-service rental time slots
  • Fixed: When a location opts into the new self-service, old self-service users registered as date is changed to the date of opt-in
  • Fixed: Email Alerts are displaying the wrong email address for booking session and canceling sessions
  • Fixed: Typo in the Cancel bookings email alert
  • Fixed: Clicking on the invoice icon is not loading the Invoice report
  • Fixed: Unable to book a shared client into a class using a shared package in the new self-service
  • Fixed: Visible range calculating the visibility as days when using hours for self-service calendar
  • Fixed: Captcha option causing error message to appear when registering via an iPhone
  • Fixed: Register option in self-service not working on iPad and Android tablets
  • Fixed: When a client buys a membership through self-service and selects to have the agreement sent the page will error
  • Fixed: Clients invited to new self-service and then disabled still show as enabled on Client Details page
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