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Data EZFacility Needs From your Merchant Provider for Credit Card Processing


 All of the information needed in order to apply your merchant account to your EZFacility account can be found below. It is recommended that you forward this information  to your merchant provider representative. is a level 1 PCI Certified Service provider. You can find us under “” on the Global Registry of PCI DSS Validated Service Providers at 

For USA based clients, our system has native support for the Vital/TSYS credit card processing platform (no gateway required) and direct integration with CSIPay. If your current merchant provider is unable to set your current account up with a Vital/TSYS profile, we can also work with the following gateways: Optimal, (E-Commerce Advanced Integration Method only), Global Payments, PayPros/PPI and CyberSource.

For Canada based clients, our program has support for direct integration with CSIPay, PayPros/PPI, or payment gateways from Optimal, Moneris, Global Payments, and CyberSource.

These are the ONLY processing methods we support, so if your current merchant provider is unable to accommodate one of these methods, please contact your EZ Facility account representative for information on alternative processing options

See the attached document for your gateway and provide us with the information requested on that document so we can integrate your credit card merchant account with our software. It is recommended that you forward this email to a representative of your merchant provider and ask them to fill out this document for you. After the document has been completed, please send it to our support team by attaching it to a trouble ticket.

To submit a trouble ticket:

  • From your EZFacility Account click on the Help '?' Button located at the top right of the page or go to
  • Click on 'Request Support' along the top of the Support Center
  • Fill out the required fields on the form
  • Once you reach Attachments, upload the completed Merchant Profile form using the 'Add file' button
  • Click on Submit at the bottom of the page

Please Note:

The above information is required for enabling credit card processing only. If you also wish support EFT/Direct Debiting (pulling funds directly from your customers banking account based on entering the checking or account numbers of your clients into the system) there is a separate process to enable this on your account. If interested please call your account manager and ask for more information on "Integrated EFT/Direct Debiting". Additional fees may apply for using a non-preferred payment provider.


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