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Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improvement: Speed improvements to creating package plans and selling packages
  • Improvement: Add the ability to set the end date for Individual packages
  • Improvement: Email Addresses will automatically be opted-in to Email Campaign when manually verified
  • Improvement: Added warning when editing package plans if client doesn't have Direct Debit/Credit Card info and auto-pay is turned on
  • Improvement: Added Address 2 to contact preferences
  • Fixed: Issue with revenue categories not expanding nested categories
  • Fixed: Issue with not being to finish the sale of a new package when using Safari
  • Fixed: Issue with resolve conflict
  • Fixed: Issue with manual auto-renew not using the new memberships auto-renew settings
  • Fixed: Issue with package plans deleted incorrectly will still be available to buy via self-service
  • Fixed: Issue with an error in new package filters if a reservation type is deleted
  • Fixed: Issue with step 1 on the send Email Campaign drop down not functioning
  • Fixed: Issue with Sales Person is not being saved
  • Fixed: Issue with disallow booking out of range not saving when buying a package through self service 
  • Fixed: Issue with the Sell online option always defaulting to no when editing a package plan 
  • Fixed: Issue with using a Coupon code in online registration that would lower the value of the registration to $0 creates an invoice at full value
  • Fixed: Issue with POS Deposits report duplicates revenue
  • Fixed: Issue with packages being sold with a future starting date for taxes
  • Fixed: Issue with using "No Code" in the revenue category pop-up
  • Fixed: issue with editing a free package to paid not applying any taxes
  • Fixed: Issue with changing a reservation type that has a deactivated tax will still apply the tax to the invoice
  • Fixed: Issue with InfusionSoft sync clearing out fields in client details
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