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My Client Has Money On Account, Where Is This Coming From?

This guide will show how to locate where the money on account is coming from.


Click on the Clients tab

Choose Your Client

Choose Your Client

1. Search for your client

2. Click on the client's First or Last name

Does The Client Have Money On Account?

1. This is where you will see if the client has money on account and, if so, how much.


1. Click on the Billing tab

2. Click on the Payments tab

3. Choose a date range that will include all the payments the client has given you. You can use the 'Custom Date Range' option to your advantage.

4. Any value under the Total Remaining column is going towards the client's money on account total. In this example Receipt#s 161 & 160 are generating $28.63 and $50.00 respectively to the client's money on account total. As we saw in the previous step, this client has a total of $78.63 on account.

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