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How to do a credit card refund via the POS system

To do a credit card refund via the POS system in the EZFacility TMS system the user must have the invoice number for the transaction. This can be found in the clients “Billing” tab then to “Payments” or on the receipt for the transaction if the client has kept it. You can refund a payment via client's account - See How to Issue a Refund.  Youcannotreturn an item through the client's account. All items mustbe returned through the POS application.

First open up the POS system by choosing which register you would like to use for this transaction.

Once that step is completed the user must go to the “Invoices” button on the bottom of the POS screen, as seen below, and click into it.

On this screen the user will enter the invoice number into the box labeled with the number (1). Then hit the button “Get Invoice” labeled with a number (2).

The items on the invoice that was found by the system now appear on the left side under the section labeled “Invoice Result”.

If the number of items is larger than 1 the user must select the number of items that this refund will be total.  This can be accomplished by simply clicking on the item under the “Invoice Result”, as seen in previous screen shot, which will bring the user to the “Insert Return Quantity” Field, as seen below.

In the box labeled (1) the user will choose the number of items this refund will be for by changing the number with the plus or minus buttons. Once the amount is correct simply click the yellow “OK” button labeled with a (2).

Now that the user has the items to be refunded chosen and the proper amount selected we can see these choices on the right side of the ledger under the “Items to Be Refunded” section, as seen below.

All the user has to do now is choose the method of payment for this return to be made in, the choices are located on the bottom of the screen.

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