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What are the differences in the payment schedule options?

While taking a billing item and deciding what payment schedule to use there are several choices, the two main choices are:

  1. Invoice Now This option means you want the billing item to be put onto an invoice immediately and attached to a client’s profile. However, within this option you have choices also;
    1. Single New Invoice  Takes all the billing items included and creates an invoice for everything.
    2. Multiple New Invoices Takes each month’s billing item and puts it onto its own invoice. This option will only show up if there is more than one billing item being created for a single purchase. A perfect example of this would be selling a 12 month, M2M membership, you are creating 12 invoices (one for each month).  The rule of thumb is if you se this option to chose this option.
    3. Date Based Invoices This option allows the user to create an invoice for a certain amount of time starting on a certain date. This is only recommended for rentals
    4. Open invoice  This option allows you to add the billing item that was just created to another existing invoice. Be aware that you must know the number of the invoice you wish to add the billing item to.
  2. Invoice Later  This option allows the user to take the billing item and put it into the shopping cart within EZFacility. If this option is chosen please be aware that there is not an automatic way for the item to be invoiced, it must be done manually. And if there is more than one person in the cart each person must be invoiced separately. And while something is in the cart auto-pay is off.
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