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How to Configure Self-Service Default Settings

This lesson will show you how to configure the booking options for your Self Service module (See How to Set up Self Service)


Click on Administration.

Self Service

Click on the Self-Service Preferences link

Configure Default Settings

Click on the Configure default settings link

Default Requirements

1. Membership: This options requires that the client using self service to book sessions has to have an active membership that has been paid-to-date

2. Package: This options requires that the client using self service to book sessions has to have a package that has been paid-to-date

** Paid-to-date allows for the use of payment schedules, so while the membership or package may not be paid in full, they are paid up to the requirements of their schedule

Default Availability

The following is a list of options to apply by default for any session availability you enter into your schedule

Do not list: No available sessions will be visible for booking on the self service website

List only, do not book: Sessions will be visible, but booking will not be allowed

Allow booking: Sessions can be booked into

** These options can be set by Reservation Type or can be overridden whenever you create an available reservation on the schedule

Visible Booking Range

Visible Range: Allows you to set how far into the future from "today's date" that available sessions will be listed on the self service website and MemberMe app and allow clients to be able to book into them


Default Cutoff Times

1. Booking cutoff - Set the time prior to the event start time that will prevent clients from booking into a training session

2. Self Cancel - Set the time prior to the event start time that will prevent clients from canceling the training session they were booked into

   - When a client cancels themselves, the session is returned to their package and they will be able to schedule it at a later date. No charge is applied

Allow Post Bill Packages

Choose whether you wish to allow clients that have Post Bill packages to be able to utilize the self booking features of self service

** By default only Pre-Billed packages can be booked online

Adjacent Booking Options

Controls what available sessions are displayed and based on the option chosen restricts bookings to group times so that there are not gaps in scheduled sessions

No adjacent booking restrictions: Default option that allows bookings at any time and gaps in scheduled sessions can occur

Show and Count non-adjacent time slots: Shows all available sessions, but only allows bookings into time slots that will border on an existing event

   - Ex. if 5:00 - 5:30pm is booked then 4:30 - 5:00pm and 5:30 - 6:00pm can now also be booked, while other time slots cannot

Hide non-adjacent time slots: Time slots that are not adjacent to a booked session will be hidden and will only appear when an adjacent time slot is booked

Auto-Book Next Client

When you create a class, you will create a class size for each one. You can create waitlists for these classes. With this setting, you can chose for your client, who is on a waitlist, to automatically be placed into a class when another client cancels


Click Save.

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