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How to Set Up Self Service Design Page

Self-Service Design


Click on Administration.

Self-Service Design

Click on the Self-Service Design link

Self Service Branding

Within the Self-Service Branding, you can pick a logo that represents your facility. You can choose a file on your computer and upload the image onto your Self Service site.

Self-Service Colors

After selecting your logo, you can choose primary and secondary colors that represent your facility. Once you have selected your colors, you can preview your changes by clicking on the Preview Site Changes link.

Welcome Message

You can also add a welcome messgae for your clients to see as they log in to their Self Service account.  You can make the font bold, italics, underlined or even add a hyperlink to the message.

You also have the option to Show or Hide the welcome message.

Self-Service Custom Text

Some of the terminology used by the TMS application may not match what you use when communicating with your customers.

You may provide terms below to customize the self-service site to be more familiar.

Sefl-Service Payment Terms & Conditions

You can include Payment Terms & Conditions that will appear whenever a client goes to purchase a package or rental on the Self-Service site. They will have to be agreed to before the clients submits a payment.

Once you are done setting up your Self-Service design, click Save.

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