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How to Set Up Self Service Preferences

Self Service Preferences


Click on Administration.

Self Service

Click on the Self-Service Preferences link

Self-Service Website & Enable/Disable Options

1. Enable my Self-Service site activates the site and functions within your account so that you can configure the options associated with self-service

2. Allow my users to book their own sessions if checked, this allows you to set specific configuration options in regards to when and how clients can book training sessions themselves

(See How to Configure Self-Service Bookings)

3. Allow the public to register for my Self-Service site enables the self registration feature on your self service login site, so that anyone whom visits can fill out the registration form and gain access to the site to buy packages or book training sessions

4. The link here is specific to your account, it is your unique login page for your clients to access the self-service website. You will want to copy this link and provide access to the link for your clients by emailing it out to them or placing it on your current website

5. When you enable email alerts on your Self-Service site, any Trainer that is properly mapped as a Resource will be sent an email anytime a client books a session. Also, when a client purchases a package online, all the email addresses listed below will receive an email alert. Finally, you can toggle email alerts at a Reservation Type level

6.  Additionally, you can have non-trainers, such as a system administrator, emailed by entering their email address where step 6 is located

Hit Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes


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