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How To Sell a Package To a Client

How To Sell a Package To a Client

-Once you have set up most, if not all, of the packages you wish to sell, select the client that wants to buy the package and click their 'Packages' tab.

How To Sell a Package To a Client

-Next, you will have a list of Active Packages or All Packages that have previous been purchased. If you want to sell a new packages, click on the 'New Package' button.

How To Sell a Package To a Client (Continued)

- Once you move to the next page to sell a client a package, you will have two options: Select a pre-created package (see Setting Up Package Plans if you have not done so), or create a package in that present moment.

1. Auto-Pay: This will give you the option to have the payment be drawn automatically when the package is sold. It also gives the "recurring" option, which will automatically draw "recurring" payment in the pattern you created.

2. Info: This provides information regarding the package you are selling to your client. It gives you information on which waiver is attached to that specific package, if the package is available to be sold online and if there is a default invoice option.

3. Select: Selecting the package you wish to sell to the client

How To Sell a Package To a Client (Continued)

1. Client: Who is the client you are selling this package to?

2. Package: Which package are you selling to that client you selected?

3. Sold By: Who sold this package to the client? This could effect your trainers or sale representative's commission (must be set up in Location & Trainer Set Up).

4. Invoice: What type of invoice do you want to give to your client? You may choose Multiple New Invoices, Single New Invoice or leaving it in the cart and Invoicing Later.

5. Apply Coupon: You can apply a coupon at the point of sale to a package.

6. Finish & Pay: Do you want to go to the invoice after to make a payment?

7. Finish: Do you want to continue past the invoice page and not charge the client at that present moment?

How To Sell a Package To a Client (Continued)

After the packager is sold, you will see your finished product back in the 'Packages' tab.

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