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Setting Up Package Plans (Single Session)

Setting Up Package Plans (Single Session)

Setting up Package Plans is the next step to setting up your classes or programs. This is the area where you will be setting up your packages.

Setting Up Package Plans (Single)

To start, click on '+Add New Packages'

1. Reservation Type: Choose your reservation type that you have set up in Reservation Types

2. Description: What does your package consist of? For example: Hitting Lessons - 10 Session Package

3. Is Comp Package: - Is this package offered for free?

4. Sessions (Single/Multiple/Unlimited): Single:Selling 1 session to a client. No more, no less. Multiple: Setting up multiple sessions for clients to buy more than one. Unlimited: Unlimited amount of sessions. Could be useless if Memberships include classes to be booked into.

5. Renewal Threshold: Shows a number that you set to renew the specific package

6. Start Date: You can now pick a start date that is fixed or you can set it to the sales date per package

7. Package Length: Setting the length of how long the package should last. Example: 1 week package, 1 month package

8. Booking Out of Range: Are you allowed to book sessions/classes past the package length created above?

9. Auto-renew: Do you want this package to automatically renew into a new package?

10. This package renews as: You can have the package you are creating renew into a different package. For example: offering a free session or free week and then having it renew into a monthly plan

11. Share With: Pick who you would like to share this package with through your relationships you set up through the personal tab.

12. Default Document: Pick which document (or waiver) you want associated with this package you create. (See Documents)

Setting Up Package Plans (Single) Continued

1. Category: Paid or Comp? Do you want to make this client pay for the package or is it complimentary?

2. Fee: How many X dollars Per Package/Session you are selling?

3. Default Invoice Option: You will have an option to select a specific invoice type to automatically be selected when you sell your package to your client.

4. Auto Pay: Do you want these payments for the package to come out automatically from the clients credit card information and charge them?

5. Sell Online: Is this package available to be sold online?

6. Discount: You can apply a discount for a specific package you create. This can always be altered at the point of sale.

7. Revenue Category: You can tie a revenue category to whichever package you are creating to properly sort your revenue within your revenue report.

8. Additional Description: You can provide your clients with more information regarding this package they have purchased. This will place description on printable invoices for your clients to see.

9. Internal Remarks: Any extra information you need to remind yourself when selling a specific package.

Setting Up Package Plans (Single) Continued

Once you click "Next" on Step 2: Billing, you will be brought to your 'Summary' page where you can analyze your package set up.

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